Thursday, November 27, 2014

Recording: Hangin' Tuff

Artist: Hangin' Tuff

Song: [full set]*

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, October 4, 2014.

Hangin' Tuff - [full set]

On a night celebrating the release of DAS RAD's ace new Radiation album, the night's openers were mostly drawn from the "family" of Teen Tits Wild Wives and other bands associated with its members. Woe to anyone taking a smoke break out front before things got started, as odds are they woulda missed the entire first set, which included five songs in less than five minutes from this junkcore unit. Scream, bash, and they're outta here. [The band has some similarly succinct soundbursts available on a tape, or over at their bandcamp.]

* Does anyone wanna take a shot at breaking this down + identifying the songs here? Please leave a comment!

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