Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Recording: Jennifer Castle

Artist: Jennifer Castle

Songs: How or Why/Make a Man + Sparta

Recorded at The Great Hall, September 25, 2014.

Jennifer Castle - How or Why + Make a Man

Jennifer Castle - Sparta

Full review to follow. Given the reoccurring gardening imagery in her songs, it's perhaps especially satisfying to see Jen Castle's audience slowly grow and bloom. This release gig for her terrific new Pink City brought a joyful but attentive full house to the Great Hall — a crowd willing to focus on the new songs. There are some beautiful arrangements of the album, but here, things were stripped down to their bare bones with Castle playing solo for most of the set. Long-time collaborator Ryan Driver joined her for a few songs at the end, adding some piano and flute to "Sparta". (There were also a few dips back into her back catalog, and while I tend not to re-post songs, I thought it was interesting to observe the straighter line with with she now approaches "Make a Man" than when I first captured it back in '09.) A really beautiful night for a beautiful spirit.

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