Monday, November 17, 2014

Concert Listings Roundup #71

You can read more about why I'm doing listings here. Long story short: This curated and decidedly non-comprehensive list contains nothin' but shows that I am going to/would go to if I had more time.

Gig of the week:

Luxury Transcombobulation / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-18 (Tuesday – early!) [FB event]

The Jonathan Adjemian/Mike Smith synth duo from Smith's summer residency has proved to be more enduring than a one-off jam, and now it's being enhanced with a double rhythm section, including Rob Clutton and Pete Johnston on double bass plus Blake Howard and Jake Oelrichs on percussion. The group will be livin' in stereo in an early set at The Tranzac on Tuesday — a perfect excuse to shake off the cold and still be tucked in your cozy bed at a decent hour.

This week's noteworthy shows:

Naturale ["Violist Pemi Paull and percussionist David Schotzko perform duo works by Philip Glass, Luciano Berio and Ted Hearne, along with the world premiere of a new work by Linda Catlin Smith."] / Array Space 2014-11-19 (Wednesday) [more info]

Body Help (Matthew Pencer/Josh Cole/Michael Davidson) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-19 (Wednesday) [FB event]

NDY2014 Pre-Gig! (deat. DiE, S.H.I.T., VCR, Conundrum) / S.H.I.B.G.B.'s 2014-11-19 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Huun Huur Tu / Small World Music Centre 2014-11-19–2014-11-20 (Wednesday + Thursday) [more info]

Tamara Bernstein on Ann Southam's LP Archive [lecture] / Array Space 2014-11-20 (Thursday) [more info]

Dust: The Quietest Big Band in the Known World / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-21 (Friday – early!)

Ronley Teper's Lipliners / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-21 (Friday)

Elephant Stone (The Blind Shake / The Auras / B-17) / The Silver Dollar Room 2014-11-21 (Friday) [FB event]

The Two Koreas (Several Futures / Not Of) / The Cavern Bar 2014-11-21 (Friday) [FB event]

Pop Avant (feat. Still Boys / Zoo Owl / Bataille Solaire) / The Music Gallery 2014-11-22 (Saturday) [more info]

L CON (Clarinet Panic Deluxx / Caylie Staples) / Jam Factory 2014-11-22 (Saturday) CANCELLED [FB event]

Le Fruit Vert (Enfant Magique / LOOM / Man Meets Bear) / Ratio 2014-11-22 (Saturday) [FB event]

Bond Girls (Kurt Marble / Tyburn Fields) / Handlebar 2014-11-22 (Saturday) [FB event]

Pet Sun (Weird Womb / King Creep / Billie Dre & The Poor Boys / Sunshine & the Blue Moon) / The Silver Dollar Room 2014-11-22 (Saturday) [FB event]

Sandro Perri / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-22 (Saturday)

Thee Oh Sees (Jack Name / Blonde Elvis) / Danforth Music Hall 2014-11-23 (Sunday) [FB event]

Ronley Teper's Lipliners [Live Album Recording!] / The Piston 2014-11-23–2014-11-24 (Sunday–Monday) [FB event]

Add these to your calendar:

Reminder: This post only contains this week's updates — the full listings can always be found over on the right-hand sidebar!

A (de)Construction Quartet [Rob Cutton/Rick Sacks/cheryl o/Michelangelo Iaffaldano] / Musideum 2014-11-24 (Monday) [more info]

Lina Allemano Four [live recording!] / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2014-11-25 (Tuesday)

Somewhere There Presents (feat. River Run / Nomad Winds / Leland Whitty) / Ratio 2014-11-26 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, And Country 1966-1985 ["listening session, film screening, and live poetry from Duke Redbird"] / Double Double Land 2014-11-28 (Friday) [FB event]

Man Finds Fire Presents: Sound Seance III (feat. Evan Caminiti [of Barn Owl] / M.Mucci / Cetacea / Castle If) / Geary Lane 2014-11-28 (Friday) [FB event]

Shawn William Clarke [William release party!] (The Young Novelists Duo) / Array Space 2014-11-29 (Saturday) [FB event]

Jordaan Mason (Clara Engel / A. Minster) / Kensington Lodge 2014-11-29 (Saturday) [FB event]

Audiopollination #25 (feat. Marcus B/Heidi Chan/James B / Brian Abbott/Aki Takahashi/Gamliel Kalfa / siânteuse/Ben Sirois / Bill Gilliam/Ambrose Pottie/John Creson/Adam Rosen) / Array Space 2014-12-09 (Tuesday) [FB event]

Bloodshot Bill & The Hick Ups (Invasions / Patrick Grant & The Flesh Vignettes / Legato Vipers) / The Silver Dollar Room 2014-12-13 (Saturday) [FB event]

Horsey Craze (Darlene Shrugg) / The Silver Dollar Room 2014-12-31 (Wednesday) [FB event]

The Big Sound / The Mod Club 2014-12-31 (Wednesday) [FB event]

The New Pornographers (Ought) / The Danforth Music Hall 2015-02-05 (Thursday) [more info]

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