Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Recording: Allison Cameron

Artist: Allison Cameron

Song: Ratio [excerpt]*

Recorded at Ratio, September 29, 2014.

Allison Cameron - Ratio [excerpt]

Full review to follow. On a night where Draperies were presenting one of their infrequent sonic/topographic explorations, Allison Cameron was called upon to set the stage with some electroacoustic forays of her own. This set employed irregular fizzling background ticks against banjo plucks in a manner that she has worked in before, though here they were in a less structured, more exploratory vein. Later, she'd add a ribbon synth into the mix, both for some additional buzzing as well as a banjo slide to complete the map of an abstracted/refracted sonic terrain.

[Allison Cameron has a couple nifty gigs coming up: as part of a very interesting Feast in The East on Saturday, December 6th as well as creating a soundtrack to "an evening of live cinema" by Pedro Ferreira at MOCCA on Thursday, December 11th.]

* Allison has titled this performance in honour of the space it was created in — you can hear the whole thing over at her soundcloud.

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