Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recording: Bodies That Matter

Artist: Bodies That Matter*

Song: Dead Slow

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, September 26, 2014.

Bodies That Matter - Dead Slow

Full review to follow. Ian McPhedran, formerly of beloved local drone-rockers Ostrich Tuning, has re-emerged with this new project. So far a one man show, it's dedicated to "a celebration of the 60hz mains hum (that infests our very being) as interpreted through guitars and eight-twelve bit delay/samplers". For this initial outing, that was expressed through distorted beats and hazy vox — there's the outline of a unified sound here, with thin, almost sitar-like guitar tones riding on top of thick, sloggy rhythm tracks. That does mean at this early juncture that the songs sound a bit like versions of each other, but as McPhedran masters his new working arrangement, his sonic universe will expand accordingly. No further dates in the pineline at the moment, but there's a couple demos up on his soundcloud for now.

* A note on nomenclature: at the time of this gig, this project was billed as "St. Clair Kids", but shortly after it was reverted to this moniker.

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