Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recording: Terror Lake

Artist: Terror Lake

Song: Runaway*

Recorded at The Magpie Taproom, October 19, 2013.

Terror Lake - Runaway

Full review to follow. Like an old friend that lives on the far side of town, Terror Lake can slip out of sight and out of mind for awhile, but it's always an endearing occasion to run across 'em. With some long-awaited recordings finally surfacing on their bandcamp this week, perhaps the band will be back in circulation a little more. Perhaps not wanting to upstage the occasion of Chang-a-Lang's final show they didn't even mention the new album while on stage, but here's hoping there's a proper release celebration coming up.

* Thanks to a commenter for confirming the title to this one.


  1. Runaway

    1. Thanks! That seemed like the obvious title, but I wanted something to confirm it.