Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recording: Chuck Erlichman & Doug Paisley

Artist: Chuck Erlichman & Doug Paisley

Song: This Dream [Great Speckled Bird cover]

Recorded at Holy Oak Café ("Toronto Does Toronto II"), October 27, 2013.

Chuck Erlichman & Doug Paisley - This Dream

Full review to follow. The basic idea here — having Toronto musicians pay tribute to the songs of other Toronto musicians — is something I can get behind as a musical locavore, so I was sad to have missed the first night in this series back in summertime. Fortunately that went over well enough to bring about a second instalment — and word on the street is that we can expect another come January.

Playing in a duo with troubadour Doug Paisley, Chuck Erlichman took the lead on this one by Great Speckled Bird, a Yorkville-scene band that included Ian & Sylvia Tyson, and would become their backing band as the pair gained prominence. Erlichman is another musician you should seek out at the Holy Oak — he'll be there playing along with Ian Russell (ex-$100) on November 8th.

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