Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recording: Chang-A-Lang

Artist: Chang-A-Lang

Songs: Sickness and Boredom / Scorn Your Youth / Drum and Bass

Recorded at The Magpie Taproom, October 19, 2013.

Chang-A-Lang - Sickness and Boredom

Chang-A-Lang - Scorn Your Youth

Chang-A-Lang - Drum and Bass

Full review to follow. Some bands end without really saying anything about it. After a while, you realize they aren't playing gigs any more; sometimes you see members in new bands, and you think to yourself, "well, I guess that's it." Given that, it was nice to see the three members of Chang-a-Lang re-assemble to give the band a proper sendoff, even with the air of finality. As much a spirited party as a frills-free rock'n'roll band, Chang-a-Lang shows always guaranteed a fist-pumpin'good time and this time was no exception as the band played nearly an hour, giving one less airing to pretty much all their material. All the best to Brian, Jake and Jeanette — they were Chang-a-Lang.

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