Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recording: Quartetski

Artist: Quartetski

Song: The Rite of Spring [Part II - excerpt]* (composer: Igor Stravinsky; arranged by Quartetski)

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("X Avant VIII"), October 11, 2013.

Quartetski - The Rite of Spring [Part II - excerpt]

Full review to follow. Montréal's Quartetski (which is actually a five-piece) "rethinks and reinterprets the works of great composers in an improvised setting". With this small ensemble, the tumultuous clamour of the piece's pagan rituals translate well to the storm-and-silence of the post-rock vocabulary, especially when Bernard Falaise's guitar kicks in.

* I'm no expert in this piece, and I chose this extract to please my musical sensibility rather than Stravinsky's original divisions, but I reckon this pulls from the "Evocation of the Ancestors" and "Ritual Action of the Ancestors" sections.

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