Friday, October 18, 2013

Recording: Not The Wind, Not The Flag + William Parker

Artist: Not The Wind, Not The Flag + William Parker

Song: [coda]

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("X Avant VIII"), October 17, 2013.

Not The Wind, Not The Flag + William Parker - [coda]

Full review to follow. Seeing Brandon Valdivia and Colin Fisher performing together as Not The Wind, Not the Flag is always a treat and hopefully something I'll never start taking for granted. This set was easy to check off as a special occasion, however, with NYC free-improv legend William Parker coming out to join them. Acting more as tugboat than ball-hog, Parker largely kept in a sympathetic support role but the rising tide he provided lifted everyone a little higher. Colin Fisher moved from gong to flute to sax to guit, and after his guitar structures ranged from abstract to noisy to shimmery I thought the set was winding down. Then, after watching Parker's bowing work pulling Valdivia's drums along for a few moments, he picked up his sax again, knelt down to adjust his guitar pedals to keep churning out a quiet undercurrent, and flowed with this closing segment that sounded like a serenade to a Moon River somewhere out Saturn way. This is our music.

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