Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recording: Téléphone Maison

Artist: Téléphone Maison

Song: Tenté par Satan*

Recorded at Creatures Creating (Wavelength 574), September 20, 2013.

Téléphone Maison - Tenté par Satan

Full review to follow. There's a couple minor technical glitches here — the vocals get lost in the fog for a bit midway through, and the music gets cut abruptly at the end when a power bar got jarred. Yet somehow, that fits in alright with Alexis Brien's methods, where a slinky shuffle gets bent into something woozy and his crooning vox flip over into something you might start singing after a couple days wandering the desert. Definitely intriguing stuff.

* Thanks to a commenter for passing the title to this one along!


  1. Hey! The title of the song is Tenté par Satan (tempted by Satan) the original can be heard here Thank you very much from all the Jeunesse Cosmique crew!