Friday, September 27, 2013

Recording: Mike Gennaro + Nigel Taylor

Artist: Mike Gennaro + Nigel Taylor

Song: [Third Improvisation: "Ballad"]*

Recorded at Array Space, September 25, 2013.

Mike Gennaro + Nigel Taylor - [Third Improvisation: "Ballad"]

Full review to follow. Local percussionist Mike Gennaro might play with a stripped-down kit, but given how he uses every single surface (sides and cymbal stands and what have you) — as well as showing a propensity to get an elbow in on occasion — means that he's never lacking in expressive options. This set saw him in a duo with Montréaler Nigel Taylor on trumpet. After a particularly labour-intensive bit of music, Gennaro called for a ballad, and you can hear Taylor begin here playing with a mute. That doesn't last too long, though, as things escalate quickly after that.

Gennaro will be playing another duo set tonight (with the marvellous Jay Hay) to open things up at tonight's performance of the Interstellar Orchestra ("Toronto's own all-star free jazz orchestra") at the Imperial Pub.

* So far as I know, the material in this set was all spontaneous, untitled improvisations.

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