Thursday, September 5, 2013

Recording: Robyn Hitchcock

Artist: Robyn Hitchcock

Songs: Raymond Chandler Evening + My Wife & My Dead Wife + Visions of Johanna [Bob Dylan cover]

Recorded at The Drake Underground, September 4, 2013.

Robyn Hitchcock - Raymond Chandler Evening

Robyn Hitchcock - My Wife & My Dead Wife

Robyn Hitchcock - Visions of Johanna

Full review to follow. For the second of his two-night stand, Hitchcock framed the evening as "a series of love songs", dipping into his vast reservoir of tunes to present love in all its forms beyond the merely romantic. That meant that sex, death and other weirdness (including an appearance by "Victorian Squid") all fit in quite nicely. This night's encore saw Hitchcock joined by Kate Boothman and her backing musicians, before ending with Hitchcock in the crowd for an unplugged singalong to some Buddy Holly and The Beatles.

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  1. Thanks! Nice sound on these, too. Just ran across your blog from the Teenage Dogs blog. I'll have to dig around some more when I have more time.