Sunday, September 29, 2013

Recording: Interstellar Orchestra

Artist: Interstellar Orchestra

Song: Crackstarter

Recorded at the Imperial Pub's back room, September 27, 2013.

Interstellar Orchestra - Crackstarter

Full review to follow. Given that everyone here has a whole bunch of other stuff on the go, I can only imagine that it must take some organizational skills to convene this ensemble, even with its expanding and fluid lineup. And given that this band contains some of the city's finest players, every show they play should be an event. The Interstellar Orchestra got a smaller audience than they deserved this time out, but the avant big band still had a blast playing for each other. And although there's some controlled chaos on stage, with saxophonist Jay Hay calling out solos and sections like a traffic cop, the underlying melodic structures tend to keep the excursions grounded. When they get gathered together again, do make a point of coming out and digging this.

PS: Just for posterity's sake, I should note that the lineup at this show was:

  • Jay Hay - Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
  • Jeremy Strachan - Tenor Saxophone
  • Karen Ng - Alto Saxophone
  • Nick Buligan - Trumpet
  • Nicole Rampersaud - Trumpet
  • Tom Richards - Trombone
  • Scott Peterson - Bass
  • Mike Gennaro - Drums

PPS: More shows at the Imperial, please! I like that cozy little back room.

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