Friday, July 27, 2018

Recording: Sal Grosso

Artist: Sal Grosso

Song: Sal Grosso - [excerpt, in two parts]

Recorded at The Baby G (Track Could Bend #39), June 5, 2018.

Sal Grosso - [excerpt, part 1]

Sal Grosso - [excerpt, part 2]

In between homes, the TONE festival was kind enough to let Track Could Bend share its space at The Baby G for an extra-early outing before their event. A touch less intimate than the typical TCB surroundings (though brought in a little closer by bringing the action down off the stage), the trade-off was a chance to have an excellent sound-tech and a big PA to listen to some electroacoustic explorations. It was also a treat to host Lisbon's Sal Grosso — TCB's first international guest — who, thanks to the internet, connected with the series in a similar friend-of-a-friend manner as many locals. With laptop, mini modular unit and a multi-effects box, this also fit right in to the series' soundworld with scratchy dreamscapes adding just enough grit to shift past ambient mellowness — and the PA in the back room helped add some nice overtones with the volume pumped up and reverberating off the walls.

[The next Track Could Bend, with sets from Debashis Sinha, Luyos MC and No Seas, will be taking place at its new home in the basement of Wenona Lodge on Tuesday, August 7th.]

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