Thursday, July 26, 2018

Recording: Alex Lukashevsky

Artist: Alex Lukashevsky

Songs: Sarcastic Blues + Zut!

Recorded at The Baby G (TONE Festival and Mechanical Forest Sound present), June 3, 2018.

Alex Lukashevsky - Sarcastic Blues

Alex Lukashevsky - Zut!

It was a real honour to have a chance to co-present a show leading off the second incarnation of the wonderful TONE Festival. Even if there can be unexpected shifts in a lineup from planning to execution, I was very excited with the night that came together. Karen Ng deserves full credit for bringing revered songsmith Alex Lukashevsky on board to close out the show. Most recently playing a support role in Eucalyptus and other ensembles, it's been a good spell since I'd seen Lukashevsky wander through his songbook. I wasn't the only one who was entranced — after he was pulled out from the crowd to add some impromptu percussion for a reading of Deep Dark United's "Zut!", Nick Fraser started calling out requests to extend the set. [And this is probably as good a place as any to remind you that DDL's albums as well as Lukashecky's essential solo Connexions album are all available at his bandcamp.]

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