Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Recording: L CON

Artist: L CON

Song: There Was a Glow

Recorded at Jam Factory (Venus Fest presents), June 1, 2018.

L CON - There Was a Glow

If there were any, er, insecurities in presenting the beautifully-engineered songs from their new album in a live context, Lisa Conway and company tackled them head on, approaching the songs in a few different configurations. Conway started the set off solo, performing a couple songs solo with her Ableton-based rig, before adding members and building up to a lean groove and some disco-reimaginings of older tunes. And ending as she started, Conway stepped into the crowd to close things out singing unamplified, her voice floating above the highway-whisper of cars seeping into the hot room through the open window.

[L CON will be performing at Slip, Slop, Slap, Kat Burns' experimental summer series at Handlebar, on Sunday, August 19th. The group will also be opening up at Falcon Jane's album release celebration at the Gladstone Hotel on Thursday, August 23rd. Venus Fest is presenting a free/all-ages/family-friendly concert in Ontario Place's Trillium Park this Thursday (June 26th) featuring Bernice, OBUXUM and Ansley Simpson.]

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