Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Recording: WHOOP-Szo

Artist: WHOOP-Szo

Song: Genocide

Recorded at The Garrison (Wavelength SEVENTEEN – Night 2), February 18, 2017.

WHOOP-Szo - Genocide

Without the inexpensive energy-drink RSVP crowd jamming the place early on (and the return of General Chaos' swirling lights) this felt like a proper Wavelength. Programming-wise, this was the "rock" night, giving things a proper Saturday night feel. These Canadian Shield space rock road warriors sounded absolutely huge in the Garrison's PA, with thundering drums and thrumming keybs creating a howl of hurt and redemption. With a lot of conceptual heaviness on the topics their songs address, it's no wonder they're worried about when rock'n'roll is gonna soothe their souls.

[WHOOP-Szo are back in town next week (Wednesday, March 22nd), playing alongside Fresh Snow at the Horseshoe.]

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