Sunday, March 12, 2017

Recording: Peeling

Artist: Peeling

Songs: Away From You* + The Model [Kraftwerk cover]

Recorded at Monarch Tavern (Wavelength SEVENTEEN – Girls Rock Camp Toronto All Ages Matinee), February 18, 2016.

Peeling - Away From You

Peeling - The Model

An absurdly-beautiful spring-like afternoon saw the patios filling up along College Street — very unusual Wavelength festival weather. The mood was equally warm inside the Monarch, where this afternoon show was co-presented with Girls Rock Camp Toronto. I was happy to get a chance to catch Peeling close out the afternoon, as I hadn't seen the band since they reformulated and re-emerged last summer from their previous incarnation as Mexican Slang. Currently playing as a five-piece, Dilly Dally's Jimmy Tony Rowlinson is still a foil for singer-guitarist Annabelle Lee, but there are some new faces in the mix, including Alana DeVito (formerly of BB Guns, more recently playing solo as Bobbypin) up front adding some guitar power. The sounds are a little more textured now, the pop hooks less hidden behind the fast-crumbling wall of fuzz that featured with Mexican Slang. There's even room for a bit of groovy swagger, as heard here in a cover of "The Model" that undoubtedly owes at least as much to Big Black's take as its icy original version.

* I do believe this was the title called out before the song, but it's subject to confirmation.

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