Saturday, March 11, 2017

Recording: DIANA

Artist: DIANA

Songs: Moment of Silence + Slipping Away

Recorded at The Garrison (Wavelength SEVENTEEN – Night 1), February 17, 2017.

DIANA - Moment of Silence

DIANA - Slipping Away

I hadn't seen this group in action since the release of sophomore album Familiar Touch and their evolution into a seven-piece smooth-groove machine. Insisting on playing with the expanded lineup means that the album's lush arrangements are fully able to breathe on stage, especially with top-notch players like Thom Gill and Ivy Mairi in the fold. But the real star of DIANA 2.0 is vocalist Gary Beals — if Carmen Elle is the pitcher putting in a strong start, Beals is the lights-out closer, sealing the deal with a joyful rush of energy. A triumph of going big and amping things up without losing the attention to detail in the musical textures, this was a pretty glorious set.

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