Thursday, March 16, 2017

Recording: Kat Estacio

Artist: Kat Estacio

Song: [edited excerpt]

Recorded at The Gladstone Hotel's Melody Bar (Wavelength SEVENTEEN – Drone Brunch), February 19, 2016.

Kat Estacio - [edited excerpt]

An interesting little sonic and social experiment offering a juxtaposition of the clatter of plates, the clink of cutlery and the murmurs of conversation with some ambient sounds. Watching the brunch crowd in their natural environment, there'd often be a moment of realization a minute or two after they sat down that there was live music being performed on stage. It all seemed to fit together into a reasonably cozy zone. Kat Estacio (also of Pantayo) played first, mixing MIDI sounds with some kulintang gongs — as well as some curls of quiet feedback seeping in from the mics. That might have given the set a slightly different timbre than originally intended, but it helped to give it the feeling of a warm, fuzzy sound-blanket.

[You could expect some drone-drifty sounds (and less background chatter!) at Wavelength's Don't Speak II show, this Saturday (March 18th) at The Baby G. Performances from Kyle Bobby Dunn, Off World, Bomb & Body and Zone Support in an environment where talking is forbidden.]

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