Thursday, April 14, 2016

Recording: Scott Cameron/Chris Sankey/Michelle Breslin/Brian Abbott

Artist: Scott Cameron/Chris Sankey/Michelle Breslin/Brian Abbott

Song: [first piece]

Recorded at Dundas Video ("Track Could Bend #13"), April 5, 2016.

Scott Cameron/Chris Sankey/Michelle Breslin/Brian Abbott - [first piece]

To my great surprise and delight, Track Could Bend has survived and thrived for a full year. To celebrate, I invited everyone who played the series' first twelve months (more than seventy people!) back for a birthday party. In the end, the night consisted of twenty-seven musicians collaborating over eight short sets, most of which were spontaneous "bands from a hat", drawn by lot before the set started. Given the wide range of musical practices and backgrounds, it was quite exciting to see how much coherence and excellence resulted.

By luck of the draw, this set put together three members of the Ghostlight collective (who had played at TCB#5) with Brian Abbott (TCB#2) so it's not surprising that there was some obvious familiarity between the players. Framed by a spoken-word paraphrase of an incident from Charles Bukowski's Women, this headed into a crisp rock groove, smoothly lumbering down the highway like a '78 Buick.

[The next Track Could Bend will be at Dundas Video on Tuesday, May 3rd, featuring Kosher Dill Spears, Terms Of Venery (Mike Smith, solo electronics) and Glamour Nails (Lina Allemano + Justin Haynes).]

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