Friday, April 8, 2016

Recording: Manticore

Artist: Manticore

Song: See Land From Telescope*

Recorded at Ratio, March 26, 2016.

Manticore - See Land From Telescope

The familiar local support groups at this Burn Down the Capital show did an excellent job of setting the table for the out-of-town headliner — in this case, Manticore's alien arias laid the groundwork for M. Lamar's spiritual opera goth-grooves later in the night. Going in, I assumed I wasn't going to need to post anything from this set, having posted "enough" of Manticore's regular tunes. But to my delight, the set contained not only a sonic reimagining of old chestnut "Hekate", but two new pieces that pushed Zoë Alexis-Abrams and David Jones in some new directions. This one incorporates Alexis-Abrams' SK-1 (also recently seen in her work with The Nick Storring Band), which she used to sample her own voice for a subtle extra layer that you can hear in the earlier part of the song here.

* if you are reading this in the future when this song has a title and you know what it is, then please leave a comment! Thanks to David-from-the-future for sending the title to this.


  1. since I am now reading this in future I can tell you this song is called "see land from telescope"!

    1. Good work, future-David. Now send back some winning lottery numbers and your mission will be complete.