Friday, April 1, 2016

Recording: Dead Neighbourhoods

Artist: Dead Neighbourhoods

Song: [last segment]

Recorded at Handlebar (Bedroom Sessions), March 20, 2016.

Dead Neighbourhoods - [last segment]

Handlebar's Bedroom Sessions series is a space offering "experimental/side projects from celebrated Toronto (and beyond) musicians". Another ambient spinoff from WEARENOTWHOWEARE, this pairing of Brendon Saarinen & Eric James Mayer played face-to-face on stage. Opening with sonic drift and found-sound bursts, the sonic haze segued into a single song, and then back out again into the hazy digression heard here.

[the next Bedroom Sessions night will be at Handlebar on Sunday, April 17th with a tasty lineup featuring Man Made Hill, Haolin Munk, Doom Tickler and Fulldeck Subhuman.]

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