Saturday, April 16, 2016

Recording: Weaves

Artist: Weaves

Song: One More

Recorded at Toronto Reference Library (Make Some Noise 10th Anniversary), April 9, 2016.

Weaves - One More

Collecting and showcasing music by local, independent musicians, Make Some Noise has celebrated the shared spaces of the city's libraries with free, all-ages concerts for nearly a decade now. (I have rather fond memories of seeing Shad, The Old Soul, Great Lake Swimmers, Elliott Brood and LAL at the Reference Library at one of the series' launch shows back in November '06.) For this birthday party, the Make Some Noise crew teamed up with Buzz Records to bring some music to the warmly rounded contours of the library's cavernous atrium.

The crowd took in Twist's opening set fanned out across the wide arc of the atrium's floor as if they were enjoying a casual day in the park, but it only took a word of suggestion from Jasmyn Burke to get them on their feel and pressing in as Weaves got going. Just back in town from some time on the road, the band were telepathically tight and it felt like a real treat to see 'em at just this moment, poised for something on the cusp of their first full-length's release. That's gonna take the band away from T.O. for a good stretch of time, so it felt nice to see 'em lurching on their home turf before the rest of the world claims them.

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