Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Recording: No Seas

Artist: No Seas

Song: [two sections]*

Recorded at Array Space (Somewhere There presents), April 13, 2016.

No Seas - [two sections]

Some intriguing work here from Alexei Orechin. With an array of pedals at his feet and a table full of cassettes and tape players the layout connotes "noise" — but Orechin instead brought something more subtle. Through there were some textured, tone-bending passages a lot of his playing was intricately organized in a way that connoted jazz chops rather than a noise attack, and my understanding is that even if there's room for some variance these pieces are composed, often in response to the tape-textures. Some parts (such as the latter portion on this extract) also brought to mind Black Walls' use of found sounds. Leaning on inspiration such as the piano in a Nina Simone piece, this subverts the expectations you might bring to Orechin's noise/lo-fi setup.

* Does anyone know the title to these? Please leave a comment!

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