Saturday, May 9, 2015

Recording: Brian Abbott + William Davison

Artist: Brian Abbott + William Davison

Songs: [two excerpts from an improvisation]

Recorded at Johnny Jackson ("Track Could Bend #2"), May 5, 2015.

Brian Abbott + William Davison - [excerpt 2]

Brian Abbott + William Davison - [excerpt]

William Davison is a man of many projects that fall in between the boundaries of genres and scenes but has exhibited a long-term D.I.Y. commitment to not compromising his artistic vision. Brian Abbott is a more recent arrival in town, but is already a familiar face at improvised gigs and on stage as one-half of Faster. Together, there were some nicely-subtle moments with Davison's electronics and amplified objects creating a soundfield for Abbot to decorate with guitar-sound both percussive and melodic.

[Track Could Bend #3 will be at Johnny Jackson on Tuesday, June 2nd. It will be a special late-nite edition with increased rock-improvisation action — full info coming soon!]

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