Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recording: Marker Starling

Artist: Marker Starling

Songs: Heed the Call + Searching For A Song

Recorded at Lula Lounge ("Wavelength 659"), May 10, 2015.

Marker Starling - Heed the Call

Marker Starling - Searching For A Song

A fine night out to celebrate the long-gestating Rosy Maze album started with Chris Cummings playing solo and in his customary trio format with Jay Anderson and Matt McLaren before being joined by a full band (including four backing vocalists), filling up Lula's large, tiered stage. The bulk of the new album was tackled along with some tasty dips into the back catalogue, such as an especially tasty "Fresh and Fair" and a new arrangement of "I've Been Destroyed" with a guest appearance by Cummings' long-time producer Zack G. Great sound in the room, though the vocals came out a little low in my vapture.

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