Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recording: Blonde Elvis

Artist: Blonde Elvis

Songs: Slow Fall on Egypt + No Cause For Alarm

Recorded at Handlebar, May 22, 2015.

Blonde Elvis - Slow Fall on Egypt

Blonde Elvis - No Cause For Alarm

Now available as a stylish compact disc, Blonde Elvis celebrated the release of their first EP with a rock'n'roll party. The recorded versions of the songs are fairly ornate glam, a sound that the live iterations have slowly been steering towards.

[With Product to push, Blonde Elvis will be all over the place for next little while — you can catch 'em for free at the Lakeview Stage (located in the Beer Store parking lot across from the Garrison) during the Dundas West Festival (Saturday, June 6th), at the next Feast in the East (Friday, June 5th at Jam Factory), or at the monumental Telephone Explosion/Pleasence Records/Weird Canada showcase (Friday, June 19th at Soybomb).]

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