Saturday, May 9, 2015

Recording: Nidus

Artist: Nidus

Song: [excerpt from an improvisation]

Recorded at Johnny Jackson ("Track Could Bend #2"), May 5, 2015.

Nidus - [excerpt from an improvisation]

I was impressed enough by the hazy ambient improvisations of this trio when I heard 'em back in January that I was eager for more. I was also curious to see how their sound would translate in a rather different environment from the close-in vibes at Ratio, but Matthew Ramolo, Jason Doell, and Marc Couroux filled the bar up with a range of sounds that covered the gamut from "slow-motion bad dream" to "vintage sci-fi soundtrack". There's a bit of a mind-meld in effect as sometimes it's not easy to figure out who's adding what to the sonic soup, but that makes sense as there seems to be an undercurrent throughout, a voice whispering suggestions that you surrender your ego and give yourself up to the void/non-void.

[Track Could Bend #3 will be at Johnny Jackson on Tuesday, June 2nd. It will be a special late-nite edition with increased rock-improvisation action — full info coming soon!]

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