Sunday, February 23, 2014

Recording: Evelyn Mukwedeya & Memory Makuri

Artist: Evelyn Mukwedeya & Memory Makuri

Song: unknown*

Recorded at Sonic Boom Records ("The Toronto Music Moment" talk + event – Wavelength FOURTEEN), February 16, 2014.

Evelyn Mukwedeya & Memory Makuri - unknown

Full review to follow. The second in-store event of the Wavelength FOURTEEN festival took over Sonic Boom's stage for an afternoon, presenting a talk called "The Toronto Music Moment" that looked at problems and opportunities in conceiving of T.O. as a "music city". And, surrounding that were three entirely diverse sets of music.

Evelyn Mukwedeya & Memory Makuri filled the store with their contemporary Canadian take on traditional Zimbabwean music, the bounce of the mbira radiating a joyful energy. This set really brought home the point that our stages and our festivals need to reflect the real range of music that's out there in Toronto — not just to check off some "diversity" box, but so that we're not missing out on some of the best stuff that's out there.

* Evelyn calls out the title of this traditional number at the top, but I don't think I can render it correctly. Anyone know the proper title?

Bonus! Check out some more photos from the festival over at the MFS Facebook page.

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