Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recording: Carl Didur

Artist: Carl Didur

Song: unknown*

Recorded at June Records ("Wavelength FOURTEEN"/Weird Canada's "Wyrd Distro" Launch), February 15, 2014.

Carl Didur - unknown

As part of the Wavelength FOURTEEN celebrations, the first of two afternoon in-store events found the festival teamed up with Weird Canada, who were having a big celebration of their own. Wyrd Distro is billed as "Canada's first non-profit distribution service", giving musicians a centralized depot to get their wares into the hands of fans across Canada and beyond. Marie Claire Flanagan and Aaron Levin were using June's backroom as their base to do video hangouts with a series of similar parties in every province and territory — and having been up for who knows how long gettings things ready to launch they looked triumphantly exhausted. They stared the event off with a brief talk (triumphantly "rambling towards coherence", as one friend commented) not focusing so much on the distro as the community spirit that animates everything that WC does. And then there was a set from Carl Didur, his tape loop/echo/keyboard compositions as wonderful as ever.

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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