Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Recording: Tarozzi/Pencer/Melanson/Liu

Artist: Silvia Tarozzi/Dan Pencer/Phil Melanson/Germaine Liu

Song: [two excerpts]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (TONE Festival 3.3/Cramzac Presents), June 11, 2019.

Silvia Tarozzi/Dan Pencer/Phil Melanson/Germaine Liu - [first piece, edited excerpt 1]

Silvia Tarozzi/Dan Pencer/Phil Melanson/Germaine Liu - [first piece, excerpt 2]

Andrew Zukerman's low-key Cramzac series (on the second Tuesday of the month) usually offers up some enticing sounds; this night was shared with the TONE Festival, offering the stage to some European guests to interface with local soundmakers. This night definitely put the "cram" in Cramzac, the Festival Effect whipping up a full house, but one that stayed admirably focused for a first set of quiet sounds.

Given the quiet but playful zones that Silvia Tarozzi seemed at home in, she was provided with a superbly-selected like-minded group of accompanists in Germaine Liu, Phil Melanson and Dan Pencer. Creaks, squeaks and bird cheeps were the sorts of rustles mostly on offer, although the tension built up in those explorations was thoroughly released in a playful second piece that unfolded more like a game initiated by Tarozzi, tossing pebbles from Melanson's stockpile against drumheads and other implements.

[Cramzac is back in the Southern Cross next Tuesday (August 14th) with sets from Karla (Yunjin Claire Lee & Yoni Newman) plus Doc Dunn & Friends.]

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