Thursday, August 29, 2019

Recording: Cory Harper-Latkovich

Artist: Cory Harper-Latkovich

Song: Verge/Resolve [two excerpts]

Recorded at Wenona Lodge (Jazz and Otherwise Improvised Musics), July 9, 2019.

Cory Harper-Latkovich - Verge/Resolve [excerpt 1]

Cory Harper-Latkovich - Verge/Resolve [excerpt 2]

More frequently seen wearing his composers' hat recently1, Cory Harper-Latkovich came down to Wenona's basement to make some sounds. That this'd not be your standard solo cello set was made clear when Harper-Latkovich sat down on the floor in front of his cello, which was laying on its back. In an effort to re-connect with his instrument, Harper-Latkovich has been turning to electroacoustic investigation, using preparations and percussive techniques guided by small gestures and manipulations to make new sounds. Sometimes fading into near inaudibilty — the extracts here are two of the louder portions of the set — the personal connection and sense of internal investigation were underlined in the latter stages when Harper-Latkovich set a piece of paper on the cello's body and wrote a letter, the tap-scrapes of a pencil giving a quiet sonic modulo.

[Cory Harper-Latkovich will be making some less quiet and intimate sounds with his cello as part of Clarinet Panic's set at Pioneer Village station during Intersection's TTC crawl tonight (Thursday, August 29th).]

1 n.b.: not a literal hat.

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