Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Recording: Sea Beau

Artist: Sea Beau

Song: Cruelty

Recorded at The Dupe Shop (Quiet Bedrooms presents QB3), October 1, 2017.

Sea Beau - Cruelty

Videographer/archivist Brandon Caswell Douglas' efforts to bring quiet listening experiences (complete with a request for quiet applause!) continued at The Dupe Shop, afternoon sunlight streaming in, and sidewalk flâneurs pausing to peer in at the sounds drifting by. Before playing, Cass Beau confessed this was their first solo acoustic set in about six years — recently in Montréal and now back in T.O., they've been spending more time making sound art than songs. The Sea Beau project is also in the midst of a transformation into a "Math Pop/ElectroWitch" band, so be ready for something different the next time you see the name. At this particular moment, though, there was a quiet pause for some inward-looking reflections with just voice and guitar.

[Quiet Bedrooms' next event — QB5 for those keeping score at home — is this Friday (November 10th) at LP's LPs and features and excellent lineup of Carl Didur, NPNP & Deenzi.]

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