Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Recording: Father Christmas

Artist: Father Christmas

Song: Twisted Ones

Recorded at The Dupe Shop (Pleasence Records Presents: Cassette Store Day 2017 & The Dupe Shop Anniversary), October 14, 2017.

Father Christmas - Twisted Ones

Tough to believe that the community-friendly space at The Dupe Shop has been around for a year, but this anniversary (falling, appropriately enough, on Cassette Store Day) had the cake and everything to prove it. There was a weekend of celebrations, with this day curated (and tape DJ'ed) by Pleasence Records' James Lindsay.

Offering a poppy/wobbly sort of lite psychedelia powered by vintage chorus pedals, if I say that there's a hint of Fleetwood Mac about this quartet, do understand I mean Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac. At their best when veering into a meandering sort of yacht-rock boogie, this is also a band that put an unusual level of effort into meticulous live fade-outs to close their songs. Their Naturally album is now available.

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