Thursday, November 9, 2017

Recording: New Tendencies & Priya Thomas

Artist: New Tendencies & Priya Thomas

Songs: [two excerpts]

Recorded at The Steady Café (Track Could Bend #31), October 3, 2017.

New Tendencies & Priya Thomas - [excerpt 1]

New Tendencies & Priya Thomas - [excerpt 2]

This was, as usual, a joyful night of acoustic and electronic sounds that was rendered a little bittersweet in retrospect with news of The Steady's closing. This pair brought some weird synths, pickup mics and a violin to create some spiky/menacing sounds whose genre tag might be "Cthulhu love themes".

[These two will be making some rather different sounds as members of Paul Lawton's new band Don't Bother, who are making their live debut tonight (November 9th) with Grids and Our Father Star at the Smiling Buddha. You'll be able to find Track Could Bend at The Belljar Café on Tuesday, December the 5th.]

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