Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Recording: Happy Baby

Artist: Happy Baby

Songs: Salty + Lapis Lazuli*

Recorded at The Dupe Shop (Quiet Bedrooms presents QB3), October 1, 2017.

Happy Baby - Salty

Happy Baby - Lapis Lazuli

Videographer/archivist Brandon Caswell Douglas' efforts to bring quiet listening experiences (complete with a request for quiet applause!) continued at The Dupe Shop, afternoon sunlight streaming in, and sidewalk flâneurs pausing to peer in at the sounds drifting by. It was a delight to discover this self-professed "aggressively earnest soft noise twinkle pop band" (operating at three-quarters of their full capacity) whose m.o. appeared to operate around a will to co-operate and an innovative spirit. Sharing one microphone for the purposes of collaborative looping, they mixed keyb, banjo, clarinet, water bottle slurp-gurgles and more into songs and soundscapes.

[Quiet Bedrooms' next event — QB5 for those keeping score at home — is this Friday (November 10th) at LP's LPs and features and excellent lineup of Carl Didur, NPNP & Deenzi. Happy Baby (or perhaps a different subset thereof) will be playing at Del Stephen's Tranzac Tiki Room show on Tuesday, November 21st alongside Slow Man Tofu and "a variety of grass-themed poetry and art".]

* Thanks to the band for passing along the titles to these!


  1. The first song is called Salty and the second song is called Lapis Lazuli! Thanks for the sweet recording :~)