Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Recording: Moon Eyed

Artist: Moon Eyed

Song: Texas Morning

Recorded at The Dupe Shop (Pleasence Records Presents: Cassette Store Day 2017 & The Dupe Shop Anniversary), October 14, 2017.

Moon Eyed - Texas Morning

Tough to believe that the community-friendly space at The Dupe Shop has been around for a year, but this anniversary (falling, appropriately enough, on Cassette Store Day) had the cake and everything to prove it. There was a weekend of celebrations, with this day curated (and tape DJ'ed) by Pleasence Records' James Lindsay.

On the cusp of releasing their Haleiwa album (out now on Pleasence Records), Elizabeth-Jane Bitze & Simon Letourneau brought some of their Paisley Underground bedroom pop tunes into the afternoon light. With Bitze's saturated organ sound on top of drum machine tracks, Letourneau's lyrics moved from desert haze to downtown drift.

[Moon Eyes will be playing with Montréal's Birds of Paradise at Handlebar on Saturday, November 25th.]

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