Sunday, October 15, 2017

Recording: YlangYlang

Artist: YlangYlang

Song: Uncertain Landscapes

Recorded at The Baby G, September 21, 2017.

YlangYlang - Uncertain Landscapes

Billed as "a night dedicated to simplicity and unravelling," this was a beautifully-executed show, moving the music down from the stage and tampering with the standard set/break/set/break/set pattern to give the whole thing some continuous flow.

As with the last time I saw Catherine Debard perform, the preceding set flowed into hers before she unfurled her haze-pop tunes. And like Xuan Ye and David Jones before her, she was set up on the floor, gear on a table in front of the stage, lit only indirectly by Xuan Ye's spotlight. That created a darkened dreamspace for her songs to unfold, and then ease back into some between-set ambiance.

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