Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Recording: MAMALIA


Song: Mindful Breathing

Recorded at The Steady (Track Could Bend #30), September 5, 2017.

MAMALIA - Mindful Breathing

A global citizen originating from Vancouver, Mamalia has been based in Chicago and Stockholm, spreading the funk across borders. Now based here in T.O., she's finding new ways to take pleasure in making music — new ways of making mistakes, and of finding those butterflies in the stomach that make it all exciting. This time out, it meant working solely with a vocal processor/looper to create some instant compositions such as this one, which is based on mindful breathing exercises but quickly finds its own inner groove.

[Track Could Bend continues tonight (Tuesday, October 3rd) at The Steady, with sets from Nur Michael Keith, New Tendencies & Priya Thomas and iderdown & abigail trotsky.]

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