Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Recording: Lash Pandiculations

Artist: Lash Pandiculations

Song: [edited excerpt]

Recorded at The Steady (Track Could Bend #30), September 5, 2017.

Lash Pandiculations - [edited excerpt]

This set took me by surprise — and not only by sending me to the dictionary when I saw the group's name. Having asked vocalist Tova Kardonne to bring something to TCB, I was delighted when she said she was bringing Heather Saumer and Ali Berkok along. But I was not expecting the music and movement she promised would hew so much to the latter, as indeed the first half of the trio's set involved a series of choreographed shifts through the space, with the three meeting in the centre of the room before pulling back into separate corners.

Eventually, those movements would send Saumer to her trombone and Berkok to his accordion, and Kardonne would add vocalisations where, once more, the three would now musically brush against each other and draw back. As such, this audio document only gives you half of what's going on, but it has a stately stretching, yawning drift to it that catches the gist of the whole affair.

[Track Could Bend continues tonight (Tuesday, October 3rd) at The Steady, with sets from Nur Michael Keith, New Tendencies & Priya Thomas and iderdown & abigail trotsky.]

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