Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Recording: jiggy jiggy jiggy

Artist: jiggy jiggy jiggy - [two excerpts]


Recorded at The Steady (Track Could Bend #30), September 5, 2017.

jiggy jiggy jiggy - [excerpt 1]

jiggy jiggy jiggy - [excerpt 2]

In between co-ordinating a re-mount of Pauline Oliveros' "To Valerie Solanas..." and becoming artist-in-residence at the beautiful new Scarborough Centre public library, Chris Willes was kind enough to drop in to make some sounds at TCB. One could easily imagine a group composed of him, Thom Gill and Phil Melanson creating some slinky dancefloor grooves that would be fall right into the sensibility their chosen moniker might suggest. For this night, however, they instead got jiggy with some field recordings and gentle synth/guitar/percussion rubbings. Actually, one could quite easily also imagine these three doing precisely that.

[Willes' Quiet Concert series continues at Scarborough Centre Library with performances by Anne Bourne (this Saturday!) and Debashis Sinha (October 14th). Track Could Bend continues tonight (Tuesday, October 3rd) at The Steady, with sets from Nur Michael Keith, New Tendencies & Priya Thomas and iderdown & abigail trotsky.]

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