Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Recording: FET.NAT

Artist: FET.NAT

Song: Cross-Check (Anatomique Voyage)

Recorded at Matt Durant Studio (Feast In The East 64), September 23, 2017.

FET.NAT - Cross-Check (Anatomique Voyage)

The last blast of a summer reprise made for a sweaty night in the charming Matt Durant Studio — home recently to the always-roving Feast in the East series. Packed into a sweltering den-like space is probably the best way to experience Hull's toujours interactif FET.NAT. The series of cardboard, hand-held signs (usually used to cue or mock the audience) were turned into impromptu fans as the band got going — you can hear some members of the audience offering their thanks earlier on for the breeze before things turn into a back-and-forth shout-off.

[Feast in the East returns to Matt Durant Studio for a Harvest Stew of electronic sounds on Saturday, November 18th, with sets from Off World, Egyptrixx, New Chance and Brigitte Bardon't.]

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