Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recording: Partner

Artist: Partner

Song: Gross Secret

Recorded at Longboat Hall (You've Changed Records 8th Anniversary Celebration), April 22, 2017.

Partner - Gross Secret

Geez — has it really been three years since the excellent You've Changed label celebrated it's fifth anniversary? Time flies, but friendship lingers, and this night featured many of the same musicians, either on stage or just hanging out in the now-fancier-than-ever basement of the Great Hall. Unlike most of YC's album-focused artists, Partner have been playing the modern hype game, releasing songs and videos one-by-one and letting the excitement percolate — all the way to the point that they were the natural choice to be the evening's headliners. That meant while most of the songs in their set have been around for awhile, the scope of the band's rock'n'roll vision continues to expand — now encompassing gloriously-impractical double-necked guitars and an even greater propensity to step into the spotlight to whip off a wicked solo. Lucy Niles and Josée Caron were still buzzed from checking off "meeting Melissa Etheridge" off their career bucket list and in a mood to push out as many Saturday Night party vibes as humanly possible.

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