Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recording: Daniel Romano

Artist: Daniel Romano

Songs: Hard On You + More Love from a Stranger*

Recorded at The Horseshoe Tavern ("You've Changed Records 5th Anniversary Celebration"), May 22, 2014.

Daniel Romano - Hard On You

Daniel Romano - More Love from a Stranger

Full review to follow. Ever since "graduating" from You've Changed to a bigger label and bigger stages, I haven't seen as much of Daniel Romano and his Trilliums. But his return here as a "secret guest" definitely completed the night. More than ever, Romano is delving into his weary/wired classic country frontman persona, his thousand-yard stare peering through the missing haze of cigarette smoke to see if the ghosts of Hank or Gram are somewhere at the back of the room.

* So far as I know, Romano has not (yet) recorded this one, which is a co-write with The Sadies' Dallas Good, though the latter did contribute it to The Good Family Album, where it appeared under the title "Life Passes (and old fires die)".

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