Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recording: Wildlife Rodeo

Artist: Wildlife Rodeo

Songs: [first section] + Caroline, No [version]

Recorded at Comfort Zone ("All Toronto's Parties 2"), May 24, 2014.

Wildlife Rodeo - [first section]

Wildlife Rodeo - Caroline, No [version]

Full review to follow. The first ATP show brought together bands selected by five different live music purveyors in a cool mix'n'match marathon. Upping the ante, the night-time portion follow-up brought a full line-up of recombinant bands (some of them special one-offs) to create a completely unique night. (It should also be noted that this also served as Wavelength's 600th show. Congratulations Wavelength!)

Opening the night was this collaboration between Mike Smith (currently sometimes working under the moniker Famous Wildlife Movies) and Matt "Doc" Dunn (of Transcendent Rodeo and much more). The dual-synth setup pointed to some of Smith's recent work, but the cosmic expansiveness definitely felt inspired by Dunn. This presents the start and end of the set — there was a loose cable somewhere in the early going, but that just added a sort of serene glitchy indeterminacy to the proceedings. File under: bliss.

You can also check out some more pictures from the day on the MFS facebook page.

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