Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recording: Darlene Shrugg

Artist: Darlene Shrugg

Song: Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card*

Recorded at Comfort Zone ("All Toronto's Parties 2"), May 24, 2014.

Darlene Shrugg - Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card

Full review to follow. The first ATP show brought together bands selected by five different live music purveyors in a cool mix'n'match marathon. Upping the ante, the night-time portion follow-up brought a full line-up of recombinant bands (some of them special one-offs) to create a completely unique night. (It should also be noted that this also served as Wavelength's 600th show. Congratulations Wavelength!)

Although the night's headliner fit right into the mandate of combined forces, Darlene Shrugg is indeed an ongoing, working project. Formed from the ashes of Tropics, this sees that duo's Slim Twig and Simone T-B joined with U.S. Girls' Meg Remy as well as Ice Cream's Amanda Crist and Carlyn Bezic. The result didn't particularly sound like any of those groups, instead emerging a a fuzz-heavy proto-hardrock Detroit stomp — intense and chaotic but convincingly held together by its own internal logic. And then melting your face off.

You can also check out some more pictures from the day on the MFS facebook page.

* Thanks to Jesse for passing the title to this one along.

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