Monday, May 15, 2017

Concert Listings Roundup #200

You can read more about why I'm doing listings here. Long story short: This curated and decidedly non-comprehensive list contains nothin' but shows that I am going to/would go to if I had more time.

Gig of the week:

Optical Sounds Records Presents (feat. The Disraelis [Life's a Beach record release!] / Prince Ness / Persian Rugs) / The Baby G 2017-05-20 (Saturday) [FB event]

Nothin' wrong with a good ol' fashioned Optical Sounds Party every once in a while, and even better if it's to celebrate a long-awaited record from The Disraelis. Carefully-crafted slices of noir-romantic pop-psych that tends to stagger on stage with a sense of shaggy grandeur (and occasional guitar heroics), it's a shame this night isn't happening at The Silver Dollar, but the music's the main thing. Don't miss a chance to catch a glimpse of the new-look Persian Rugs earlier on, as well.

This week's noteworthy shows:

Colin Stetson (Justin Walter) / The Great Hall 2017-05-15 (Monday) [FB event]

Crosswires (feat. Dragonflys / Poppyseed & the Love Explosion) / The Baby G 2017-05-15 (Monday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Christine Bougie [Whistle Up a World album release!] / Burdock Music Hall 2017-05-17 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan [double album release!] / Array Space 2017-05-17 (Wednesday) [more info]

Slight (Bodywash / Blunt Chunks) / The Baby G 2017-05-17 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Josh Cole Quartet / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2017-05-17 (Wednesday – late set @ 11 p.m.!) [FB event]

HotKid [Late Night Mornings LP release party!] (Wave of Terror / Eiyn Sof) / The Baby G 2017-05-18 (Thursday) [FB event]

Invocation × Constellation (feat. Jason Sharp / Joni Void / Jessica Moss [record release show!]) / The Royal Cinema 2017-05-18 (Thursday) [FB event]

Wavelength 729: Sex and Death ["an evening of music, comics & Grindr"] (feat. Plasmalab / Joanne Pollock / plus readings from Max Mohenu / Michael Comeau) / Monarch Tavern 2017-05-18 (Thursday) [FB event]

Boss Hog (catl.) / Lee's Palace 2017-05-19 (Friday) [more info]

Bonnie Doon (Century Palm / Beth / WLMRT) / Monarch Tavern 2017-05-19 (Friday) [FB event]

The Glass Orchestra / Array Space 2017-05-19 (Friday) [more info]

Cybercafé 2: experimental/electronic night (feat. bioMecanico / Johan Seaton / Sprawls / Dame Cook) / D-Beatstro 2017-05-19 (Friday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Minotaurs [AUM record release extravaganza!] (Bunny / Ward/Gooch) / Junction City Music Hall 2017-05-19 (Friday) [FB event]

Ronley Teper's Lipliners (Vivienne Wilder & The Vice Presidents) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2017-05-19 (Friday) [FB event]

Audio Bleed (feat. Hexzuul / Cares / Western Plates / Beard Closet / Stuart Clark) / Belljar Café 2017-05-19 (Friday – PWYC!) [FB event]

CMC Presents (feat. Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche / The Mike Smith Company) / The Drake Underground 2017-05-20 (Saturday – early show!) [FB event]

Invocation Residency Series (feat. Sir Richard Bishop / Robert Millis / The Glass Orchestra) / Array Space 2017-05-20 (Saturday – all ages!) [FB event]

Hades Mining Co. (Post Natal Drip / Cares) / Sonic Café 2017-05-20 (Saturday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Mythology in Progress ["installation by Montreal artist Baron Lanteigne, accompanied by audio-visual performances"] (feat. Johan Seaton / Itchy and the Infectious / idmx) / Electric Perfume 2017-05-20 (Saturday) [FB event]

Faster Presents (feat. Faster / Matt Miller / Four Shadows Quartet [Zach Clark/Paul Newman/Brian Abbott/Kayla Milmine]) / Gerrard Art Space 2017-05-20 (Saturday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Briefcasefest 2017: Day 2 (feat. Sunlight's Bane / Dead Register / Völur / Ancress / Brigitte Bardon't / Dirt / Mourn / HRRR / Solarium) / CineCycle 2017-05-20 (Saturday – all ages!) [FB event]

Harrison Argatoff Quartet v1.2 [Harrison Argatoff/Julian Anderson-Bowes/Andrew Miller/Noah Franche-Nolan] / The Emmet Ray 2017-05-21 (Sunday – early set @ 6 p.m.!) [FB event]

Somewhere There presents (feat. Animatist) / The Emmet Ray 2017-05-21 (Sunday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Graham Kartna (Tigerwing / Fusechild / Hustle Flesh) / Handlebar 2017-05-21 (Sunday) [FB event]

Night Owl Festival presents (feat. Cool Ghouls / Germaphobes / Father Christmas) / Smiling Buddha 2017-05-21 (Sunday) [FB event]

Shadows of Thunder: a gathering for percussive sounds (feat. solo/duo/trio sessions by Fahmid Nibesh/Victor Cirone/Colin Fisher) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2017-05-21 (Sunday – late set @ 11 p.m.!) [FB event]

Add these to your calendar:

Reminder: This post only contains this week's updates — the full listings can always be found over on the right-hand sidebar!

Fiver [Audible Songs from Rockwood release show!] (The Lonesome Ace Stringband / Kristine Schmitt) / Likely General 2017-05-25 (Friday) [FB event]

Fiver [Audible Songs from Rockwood release show!] (The Lonesome Ace Stringband / Kristine Schmitt) / St. Andrew-By-The Lake 2017-05-26 (Friday) [FB event]

Batuki Music Society at Doors Open (feat. Tich Maredza and Ruben Esguerra / Professor Adam Solomon) / Toronto-Dominion Centre / Bridgepoint Health Administration Building 2017-05-27 (Saturday – afternoon event, sets @ 1 + 3 p.m.! free! all-ages and family-friendly!) [FB event]

Fiver [Audible Songs from Rockwood release show!] (The Lonesome Ace Stringband / Kristine Schmitt) / Array Space 2017-05-27 (Saturday) [Fb event]

Batuki Music Society at Doors Open (feat. Diely Mori Tounkara) / Legislative Assembly of Ontario 2017-05-28 (Sunday – afternoon event @ 2 p.m.! free! all-ages and family-friendly!) [FB event]

Track Could Bend #27 (feat. Processor / Steve Sladkowski & Joe Sorbara / Diane Roblin & Katie Jensen) / The Steady Café 2017-06-06 (Tuesday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Bonnie Trash [Ezzelini's Dead Toronto EP release!] (Brigitte Bardon't / Myra Maines / Sea Beau) / venue TBA week of event 2017-06-08 (Thursday) [FB event]

Burn Down The Capital presents (feat. Horse Lords / Eyeballs / Retired) / The Baby G 2017-06-08 (Thursday) [FB event]

B.A. Johnston / Tilt 2017-06-14 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Luminato Festival (feat. Veda Hille) / Spiegeltent @ David Pecaut Square 2017-06-16 (Friday – free!) [more info]

Luminato Festival (feat. LAL) / Spiegeltent @ David Pecaut Square 2017-06-17 (Saturday) [more info]

Buzz Records presents (feat. Tweens / Kurt Marble / Camp Girls) / Smiling Buddha 2017-06-17 (Saturday – all ages!) [FB event]

Christie Pits Film Festival: Opening Night (feat. live score of Harold Lloyd's classic silent comedy The Freshman performed by The Holy Gasp) / Christie Pits 2017-06-25 (Sunday – PWYC! all ages! outdoor event!) [FB event]

Invocation Residency Series (feat. Glenn Jones) / Array Music 2017-07-14 (Friday – all ages!) [FB event]

Eclec~Tic~Toc Fest, Vol. 1 (feat. Darling Cora / Damon Smith / Retired / Fake Flesh / Money House / Hidden Hierarchies / The Bim Prongs / Ben G./Cheryl O./Barry P. / Moth Ash / Faster / Bit Reduction / Mike Lynne / Lorne Shapiro) / Gerrard Art Space 2017-07-14–2017-07-15 (Friday–Saturday – PWYC!) [FB event]

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