Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recording: Brian Abbott & Lorne Shapiro

Artist: Brian Abbott & Lorne Shapiro

Song: [excerpt from first piece, in two parts]

Recorded at Gerrard Art Space (Faster Presents: Spring Sounds), March 25, 2017.

Brian Abbott & Lorne Shapiro - [excerpt from first piece, part 1]

Brian Abbott & Lorne Shapiro - [excerpt from first piece, part 2]

Originally planned as a chance for Faster to share a new composition in the midst of some electronic improvisation, a last-minute cancellation saw things shifting to this improvised set with Faster's Brian Abbott (on electric guitar + pedals) sharing the stage with Lorne Shapiro (on viola da gamba). Shapiro was also rocking some cool effects to stretch and manipulate his sound, so although things would later get to plinky-plunky splatter burstin', this stretch focuses on a more sedately-drifting portion of the proceedings.

[The next Faster Presents show at G.A.S. is on Saturday, May 20th and includes a make-up for the Faster set that was postponed at this show alongside a solo outing from Matt Miller and an appearance by the Four Shadows Quartet (Zach Clark/Paul Newman/Brian Abbott/Kayla Milmine).]

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